CPA for Fire Fighters

Get the Quality Financial Support You Need from a CPA for Fire Fighters

There’s no doubt that a skilled CPA for fire fighters is an essential member of your team if you work in the firehouse. There are so many responsibilities that you have to think about. Adding financial concerns to that list of responsibilities can pull your thoughts away from the job, which can have devastating consequences.

By leaving your taxes, accounting, and financial needs in the hands of a capable accountant, you can focus on saving lives. A CPA for fire fighters can provide you with a wide variety of comprehensive services with an eye on your particular vocation, enabling you to save big on taxes and feel confident that you’re getting financially ready for retirement.

Every tax deduction that’s available

The biggest concern for every tax payer is getting every deduction that’s possible. Unfortunately, that’s a lot easier said than done. If you’re using a quick and easy online tax program, you’re definitely not getting every deduction that’s available to you. Even hiring an accountant may not help you get the deductions you deserve. If they aren’t familiar with the kinds of deductions you can take as a fire fighter, you’ll end up paying more at the end of the year.

A skilled CPA for fire fighters can help you identify and claim a wide variety of tax deductions that you may not have considered:

  • Professional fees and dues
  • Continuing education
  • Equipment and repairs, including battery replacements
  • Travel expenses, including parking fees
  • And more

Firehouse accounting and support

Not only can a skilled accountant help individual professionals, a CPA for fire fighters can help the whole firehouse by providing a range of services that include:

  • Tax audits
  • Compiled financial statements
  • Technology consulting, including Quickbooks
  • Payroll
  • Litigation support services
  • And more

By choosing a CPA for fire fighters for the firehouse, you can also put your firemen in touch with a professional that will be able to provide them with the kind of financial services they deserve. Not only can they provide your crew with tax support, they can provide them with estate planning, investments, and retirement planning as well.

Supportive services from a CPA who understands firemen

Choosing the right professional CPA for fire fighters can make all the difference in your finances because of their specialized experience. If you’re ready to file a tax return, or if you’re looking for a complete overhaul of your finances, give us a call. Our CPA for fire fighters is part of a team who can put your money to work for you.


CPA for fire fighters FAQ

Do volunteers need to worry about paying taxes?

Firefighting is a unique career because some fire stations don’t label everyone as an employee. Some are considered volunteer fire fighters, but that doesn’t mean, as a volunteer, you aren’t responsible for paying taxes.

According to the IRS, if “the work they do is subject to the will and control of the payer, under the common-law rules, they are employees for Federal tax purposes.”

That means, if you’re providing services that are supported by the taxpayer, you will have to file every single year. The IRS continues by saying,

“It does not matter whether they are paid on a “call” basis, monthly, hourly, etc.; or whether the worker is full-time or part-time. These payments are wages that should be reported on Form W-2, subject to withholding for Federal income tax, social security, and Medicare purposes.”

If you spend any time at all in the fire station, it’s a good idea to consult with an accounting professional to determine exactly how your time spent serving the public will be represented on your taxes.

What about emergency workers?

Things are a little bit different for emergency workers. If you serve on a truly temporary basis in response to an emergency situation, you may be able to file certain exceptions on your taxes, but the taxes themselves must be filed. In order to ensure that you don’t pay more than the required amount for your particular situation, it really is best to meet with a CPA for fire fighters who has experience working in this area of tax law.

Do professional CPAs offer special discounts for public service workers?

As a fireman, police officer, or any other public service worker, you are probably aware that many businesses will provide discounted rates as a small thank you for the services that you provide to the community. In some cases, this may extend to accounting services.

Some accountants will provide public service workers with a small rate discount, while others may simply provide a discount for referrals. Some services may be subject to a discount, while others may not. Still other firms may stick with a flat fee, not offering any discounts at all. It’s always a good idea to speak directly with your particular CPA to see if any discounts apply to your unique situation.