Accounting Services

Stay on Top of Your Finances with Professional Accounting Services

Keeping on top of your finances is no easy feat, but you can simplify the process of dealing with your accounts with professional accounting services.

The perfect professional accounting services completely cater to your unique needs. Expert CPAs are able to offer high-quality financial reporting, sage advice, and smart solutions that produce results. They can help you get a better handle on your finances, but a professional team can also ensure every area of your business gets the same focus, which can help you gain a competitive advantage.

Complete accounting services

Only the very best CPAs offer a complete array of services to ensure that every facet of your business is accounted for. Professional accounting services include:

  • Review and compilation of financial statements
  • Income tax preparation, planning, and consulting
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports and statements
  • Implementation of new accounting software packages
  • Bill paying services
  • Payroll and sales taxes
  • General accounting assistance
  • Bookkeeping
  • General ledger review
  • Financial assessment reports

Great accounting services also include consultations in a variety of areas. That way you can pinpoint specific changes you’d like to make in your business that will ensure a bright future.

  • Tax consultations
  • Business start-up and general business consulting
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Employee benefits consulting

Year-round support

It’s important to consider the amount of support your business needs. Some professional accounting services are meant to provide you with a complete set of data, like agreed upon procedures. However, if you’re looking for more continuous support, you should consider hiring a professional account.

Because general accounting includes so many different services, it’s the right choice if you’re looking for year-round support. From making sure bills are paid on time each month to dealing with taxes in April, a professional accountant can provide you with the support you need to stay on top of your financial future all year long.

Objectivity and ever-changing expertise

Perhaps the most convincing reason to hire a professional Long Beach CPA is the fact that they will provide you with objectivity in the ever-changing area of finance. As an outside resource, they can help you look past all the daily challenges of running a business to see the bigger picture. As a professional in the area of accounting, they are also up-to-date on all the latest rules and regulations, ensuring that your business is always in compliance.

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Accounting services FAQ

If I’m using a program like QuickBooks, do I really need a professional accountant?

QuickBooks and other software programs are a great way to keep track of financial information, but they do very little to help you interpret that information. Using QuickBooks is a great first step towards getting your information in order, but a professional accountant can help you use that information to your advantage.

Based on the information that you enter into the software program, an accountant can run financial reports and projections, monthly balance sheets, and detailed general ledgers. With that additional information, you can schedule regular consultations and tax meetings throughout the year that will ensure your business is taking advantage of changing tax laws, allowing you to minimize your taxes and become more profitable. These reports can also ensure that you’re in compliance with other rules and regulations in your area.

Are there different types of accountants?

There are quite a few different types of accountants, but many certified public accountants are fully trained and certified in multiple areas. Here are just a few:

CPAs most commonly handle data that relates closely to accounting. Some of their duties include preparing financial reports, making sure that taxes are filed correctly, and overseeing financial records.

Bookkeepers are responsible for handling any accounting transactions. Those transactions are then turned into financial statements.

Auditors keep detailed accounts of public records, as well as analyze and verify financial documents.

Tax accountants specialize in the field of taxation. They are able to legally represent individual taxpayers in matters concerning the IRS.

Financial advisors are consultants who provide financial advice.

What exactly is the difference between auditors and accountants?

Auditors and accountants are often confused because what they do professionally appears quite similar. However, there are some important differences.

Accountants are on-hand for daily tasks. There are dozens of ways an accountant can support your business, but they are most well-known for processing financial information, paying the company’s bills, and balancing the books.

Auditors keep detailed accounts, but they are more concerned with public records and how financial information relates to local, state, and national regulations, as well as other entities, including the IRS. An auditor would work together with an accountant to ensure the reports and information that has been compiled is complete and accurate.

How much time will I have to make for a professional accountant?

Hiring a professional accountant may seem intimidating because there’s a possibility that they will take up a sizeable portion of your time. Although meetings and consultations will need to be scheduled, a professional accountant is able to seamlessly integrate into your daily operations, taking away very little of your precious time.