CPA for Entertainment Companies

Keep the Show Running with the Help of a CPA for Entertainment Companies

If you’re passionate about books, movies, performers, or any other form of entertainment, make sure you hire a CPA for entertainment companies that is equally as passionate. With the right help from a certified public accountant, you can focus on the aspects of your business that require your attention and expertise, leaving your finances to a professional team with expertise in accounting.

There are many aspects of your business that require your attention, but they don’t always get the attention they deserve. Whether you’re looking for ways to save, you could use a little help organizing your books, or you’re tired of dealing with incoming and outgoing payments, a professional accountant can provide you with the right solutions to your problems.

Entertainment companies and production companies of all kinds

If you’re looking for a little help, reaching out to a CPA who has experience working with entertainment and production companies is important. These types of companies have very unique needs, and they qualify for different kinds of tax credits and considerations.

An entertainment company can specialize in many different areas, but at its roots, it’s all about entertaining an audience. These companies have similar needs, allowing a CPA for entertainment companies to work with a wide range of specialties that include:

  • Musical performances of all kinds
  • Film and television viewings
  • Live readings of books and novels
  • Live performances, including dance and theater
  • Web and internet based performances and content
  • And more

A CPA with experience in the entertainment industry can also help production companies that create music, movies, and more.

Confidential and discrete accounting

In the entertainment industry, confidentiality and discretion are extremely important. This is not only important when it comes to the details surrounding the performers, but also showcasing their talent. Keeping incomes, release dates, and other details of your business a secret is important to your bottom line.

A CPA for entertainment companies understands the importance of keeping the details of your business under wraps. By choosing one with experience in this area, you don’t have to worry about the details of your latest production being leaked, shared, or disclosed in any way shape or form.

Comprehensive services from an experienced accounting firm

The right accounting firm will offer a wide variety of services that can be customized to fit your needs. From filing taxes to payroll and beyond, a CPA for entertainment companies can help you get a handle on your finances so you can reach for the stars.

Learn more about all of the ways a CPA for entertainment companies can help your business grow and succeed by giving us a call today.


CPA for entertainment companies FAQ

What kinds of services can a CPA offer to an entertainment company?

A qualified, licensed accountant is able to offer a wide variety of services to entertainment companies that include:

  • Accounting services like tax audits, compiled financial statements, and more
  • Tax preparation, planning, and consulting
  • Technology consulting
  • Litigation support services
  • And much more

It’s important to ask your CPA what kinds of services they offer to entertainment companies. It is also helpful if you tell them a bit about your business. With a little extra information, they may be able to suggest helpful services that you may not have thought of.

How are specialized services better for an entertainment company than regular accounting services?

Although every certified public accountant will be able to provide you with basic services, it really is in your best interest to look for a CPA who has experience working with entertainment and production companies.

That’s because an experienced CPA for entertainment companies knows what services are best for your business, and they can help you understand the numbers. They are able to apply their findings to your unique situation, allowing you to consider things you may not have considered before. With a new, fresh perspective, you can make better decisions for your business.

Taxes are a big consideration as well. An experienced CPA can help you find tax deductions that are specific to your business because they are familiar with deductions and filings for the entertainment industry.

Is there a specific form of bookkeeping that is just for entertainment companies?

Because a CPA for entertainment companies can provide you with specialized services, you may be wondering if that means there are special types of bookkeeping for entertainment companies as well. This isn’t the case.

There are many different bookkeeping programs, strategies, and services to choose from, but none have been specially created just for entertainment companies. However, how those programs, strategies, and services are conducted can differ greatly, which is where the expertise of a CPA with the right experience comes in. For example, the IRS may have special rules for this industry that will easily be identified by an accountant, and these concepts will then be applied to programs that you’re currently using.