Forensic Accounting Services

Get the Legal Support You Need with Forensic Accounting Services

Forensic accounting services is a very specialized area of accounting that requires knowledge and experience. Unlike traditional accounting services, forensic accounting deals with serious issues like embezzlement, fraud, white-collar crime, and business litigation. Such matters can spell the end of your business, so it’s important to enlist the help of a CPA with extensive knowledge in this area.

In these matters, a skilled public accountant is able to dig through every detail of your financial history, providing you with the information you need to make your case. A forensic accountant can assist you no matter which side of the law you find yourself on.

Extensive forensic accounting services to fit your needs

Forensic accounting takes your financial information one step further. Instead of simply providing you with a clear picture of your finances, a forensic accountant is able to use this information as evidence in your case. The right financial information can be extremely illuminating.

In order to provide you with the evidence you need, a forensic accountant offers a wide variety of services that can include:

  • Providing analyses for discussion
  • Testifying for the prosecution or defense
  • Assessing economic damages
  • Providing evidence for proof of insurance fraud, identity theft, money laundering, and more

The difference between addressing your situation and resolving it

It’s never a bad idea to seek the help of a professional CPA if you find yourself in a bit of a financial bind, but only forensic accounting services will be able to see you through your situation to the very end.

Professional CPAs are fully trained to address a wide range of financial situations, but in a legal matter, you need more than that. When it comes to litigation, you really need a professional team that can help you resolve the matter.

Not only can a forensic accountant uncover important information, they can assemble and present it in a way that can help you receive the legal outcome you deserve. They are able to uncover important information and apply it to your argument, helping you to resolve your case.

Put your trust in a team with forensic experience

If you want your case to be resolved to your benefit, you need to put your trust in a team with forensic experience, and not every CPA has the experience you need.

A forensic CPA has a trained eye and the knowledge to provide you with support, as well as answers to your questions, throughout the entire process. If you’re dealing with a legal matter that could use the help of an accountant, contact us today. We’ll shine a spotlight on your finances with forensic accounting services, illuminating your situation so you can increase the likelihood of a positive outcome in your case.


Forensic accounting services FAQ

Exactly how can a forensic accountant add value to a case?

A skilled forensic accountant can help you resolve your legal matter by going beyond the numbers and facts, demonstrating your situation clearly. A few ways an accountant does this is by:

  • Crafting and responding to questions
  • Identifying documents and individuals that should be subpoenaed
  • Conducting research in order to identify key evidence
  • Analyzing records and facts
  • And more

A forensic accountant is extremely flexible, thanks to their knowledge in the area, and is able to cater their services to fit your specific needs.

Can I hire a forensic accountant instead of an attorney?

A forensic accountant is a must when it comes to financial information that can be the clincher in a case, but that doesn’t mean your accountant is the only key to your strategy. A forensic accountant should be a member of your team, not the entire team. There are many other aspects of your case that a forensic accountant can’t assist with, so hiring an attorney is essential.

Exactly what makes a forensic accountant different than a regular accountant?

A forensic accountant has all the knowledge you would expect a professional CPA to have, but they have additional knowledge that makes them an asset in the courtroom that includes:

  • Court systems
  • Filing requirements
  • The litigation process
  • Investigative methodologies
  • Interactions with criminal justice agencies
  • Communicating with attorneys, judges, victims, and suspects

Does a forensic accountant need any special training?

All quality forensic accountants have an accounting degree, but a good forensic accountant has additional training. Many of them obtain professional certifications in the area of forensic accounting. A Certified Fraud Examiner is just one example.

If you’re looking for a forensic accountant, you should also look for an accountant with experience, as experience in the courtroom is important when it comes to the outcome of your case.

Why use an external, independent accountant instead of an internal resource?

It may be tempting to use internal resources to deal with a financial legal matter, but it isn’t usually a good idea. Dealing with an issue internally will often result in emotional reactions to financial information and discoveries, which can compromise the validity of a case. An external source will be able to deal with the facts objectively, ultimately allowing you to uncover facts and options that may otherwise never have been uncovered.

When in doubt, ask your attorney for advice as to whether or not a professional forensic accountant is needed in your particular situation.